• 12NC Code

    12 digit numeric code, (usually starting with 85) that can be found on the service sticker of your appliance.

  • 3D System

    Whirlpool's patented microwave distribution system ensures perfectly uniform cooking by emitting microwaves three dimensionally rather than uni-directionally so food cooks faster and more evenly.


    Sensors within Whirlpool appliances which sense, adapt, and control how your appliance works. The application can vary between appliances, but 6TH SENSE is designed to help save you time, energy, and money.

  • 6TH SENSE Cooling

    Whirlpool's 6TH SENSE technology in cooling appliances (both fridges and freezers) constantly adjusts to temperature changes, sensing, adapting, and controlling the temperature to ensure that your food looks, smells, and tastes really fresh.

  • 6TH SENSE Crisp

    The 6TH SENSE Crisp function in Whirlpool microwaves will help you produce perfect and evenly browned pies, quiches, and pizzas, both on top and on the bottom. The results are exceptional and totally comparable to those of a traditional oven, but with less effort and in a fraction of the time.

  • 6TH SENSE Dishwashing

    Intelligent sensors measure the level of soiling and adjust resources accordingly, offering savings of up to 50%* on energy, water and time.

  • 6TH SENSE Drying

    6TH SENSE dryers treat even delicate fabrics with the utmost care. Special sensors constantly monitor the humidity level in the clothes and automatically adjust the drying cycle, ensuring perfect results and saving time and energy.

  • 6TH SENSE Freezing

    Intelligent sensors detect any temperature variations and automatically boost the freezing function when necessary for fast, energyefficient freezing.

  • 6TH SENSE Fresh Control

    Whirlpool's 6TH SENSE Fresh Control refrigerators keep your food as fresh as the day you bought it for up to 4 times longer.* *As compared with Whirlpool Total NoFrost refrigerator. Freshness has been calculated as an average taking into account variation in food colour, pH and weight loss measured over a period of time. Time guidelines may vary depending on original food quality.

  • 6TH SENSE Hobs

    Equipped with 6TH SENSE technology, these new hobs offer you unprecedented control and effciency.

  • 6TH SENSE Hoods

    The 6TH SENSE hood sensor takes reading to run the hood at the right power level for whatever you are cooking. When not cooking it can improve air quality by detecting pollutants in the air and automatically setting the hood speed for optimum air quality.

  • 6TH SENSE Microwave

    With unique 6TH SENSE Intelligent Sensor Control, Whirlpool microwaves control and monitor the cooking process for you, automatically adjusting power and time levels to ensure perfect results.

  • 6TH SENSE Oven

    Thanks to its two sensors, 6TH SENSE technology is able to sense the weight of the food* that is being cooked and the precise temperature inside the cavity, adapting the cooking time and controlling the cooking process accordingly. *Meat, fish or vegetables

  • 6TH SENSE Reheat

    This function in Whirlpool microwaves will help you achieve perfect results on chilled or frozen food with one touch functionality.

  • 6TH SENSE Steam

    Whirlpool microwaves with 6TH SENSE Steam functionality can ensure perfect steaming of vegetables, fish, and other dishes, with a humidity sensor that measures conditions in the microwave oven and adjusts power and temperature accordingly.

  • 6TH SENSE Washing

    You decide the type of fabric and the load to wash and 6TH SENSE technology recognises the size of your load through special sensors, and automatically adjusts resources, offering up to 50% savings on energy, water and time. The load is continuously monitored throughout the wash cycle and ensuring optimal washing performance.


  • A Energy

    Energy class A.

  • A Energy Ovens

    Whirlpool ovens are super insulated to retain heat, save energy, and reduce cooking times.

  • A+ and A Energy Class

    An A+ refrigerator uses up to 25% less energy than an A class appliance, and up to 45% less than a B rated model.

  • A+ Energy

    A+ products are 10% more efficient than lower rated A class appliances.

  • A+ Energy

    Energy class A+.

  • A+ Energy

    Energy class A+.

  • A+ Energy

    Energy class A+.

  • AAA

    Energy class A, Washing performance class A, Drying performance class A.

  • ACTIV0°

    Meat and fish are preserved at their best for up to 3 days longer in a dedicated drawer in the fridge, where the Activ0° system with dual sensors, ensures a temperature at around 0°, creating the ideal conditions for meat and fish freshness.

  • Air Valve

    Freezer cabinets have an air valve system that equalises pressure on the inside and outside of the cabinet, making door opening 4 times easier than a normal model.

  • Air Vented Dryers

    These are supplied with a venting kit which ducts air to the outside.

  • Ambient Water

    Filtered water at room temperature.

  • Anti Bacterial Rinse

    This ensures your dishes are hygienically clean with a special rinse that eliminates 99.999% of all bacteria (independently tested to NF EN 13697 standards).

  • Anti-Crease

    The anti-crease option prevents the load from settling after the programme has ended, so your laundry comes out crease-free even if you don't remove it from the dryer immediately.

  • Antibacterial Programme

    At a temperature of 80°C or more, this programme eliminates 99.999% of bacteria, making it perfect for bedding, children's clothing or any load thatneeds to be really sanitised. Tested following a methodology similar to the NF 13697 standard of November 2001.

  • Aqua

    A 3-litre tank integrated in the door of the fridge supplies fresh, filtered water at the touch of a button. An innovative water filtration dispenser system helps eliminate the taste and odour of chlorine and reduce dirt, rust, sediments and turbidity. Microban antibacterial protection in the water tank ensures your water is stored in a hygienic environment, free from bacterial growth.

  • AquaSteam Dishwashing

    Creates steam in the dishwasher during the main wash cycle, gently penetrating food residues and eliminating difficult stains.

  • Assisted Chef

    Unique software guides the user through the preparation of over 70 recipes. Just select this function and choose the food category and the type of meal then input the weight or number of servings. The oven will set the cooking time, indicating any accessories to use.

  • Auto Clean Filter

    The filter cleans itself, eliminating food particles using a special soak and pulse action.

  • Automatic Cool Down

    A low stress 10 minute period at the end of the drying cycle which cools the load down slowly to prevent shrinkage and reduce creasing.


  • B Energy

    Energy Class B

  • Big Items

    With this specific washing machine programme, you can accommodate single bulky items like duvets, thanks to the very spacious drum.

  • Blackout Alarm

    Automatically checks the temperature when the electricity supply is restored after a power cut, and lets you know if the temperature has risen above freezing.


  • C Energy

    Energy Class C

  • CFC / HFC free

    In accordance with Whirlpool's policy of environmental friendliness, all our cooling appliances are 100% CFC and HFC free.

  • Child Lock

    Whirlpool washing machines with LCDs have a child lock that disables the panel command to prevent children accidentally changing the settings or stopping the washing machine. Other models have a safety mechanism installed in the door, that if activated, prevents it from closing and the machine from starting. Tumble dryers have a child safety door lock that can be used when the dryer is not in use to make it impossible for a child to get inside the drum and close the door.

  • Circa Fan Cooking System

    A fan behind the back wall of the oven forces air through heating elements and into the oven from four directions. Food is cooked quickly and evenly in all parts of the oven, and different foods can be cooked simultaneously without mixing taste and smell.

  • Clean+

    This special washing machine cycle optimises the effectiveness of each active agent in your stain solver, helping to get rid of tough stains, even at low temperatures.

  • Compare products

    Select up to 4 products in the list and discover their differences in one single view.

  • Condenser Dryer

    These are ideal for flats or apartments as they convert steam to water and collect it in a container so they don't need venting. They can be positioned anywhere in your kitchen or utility room.

  • Conventional Cooking

    Combines top and bottom heating to provide a traditional cooking method with the oven hotter at the top. Ideal when a crisp finish is required or for slowly cooking casseroles.

  • Cook3

    Thanks to the highly effective new airflow distribution system is some ovens, you can prepare up to 3 separate dishes at the same time, safe in the knowledge that their flavours and aromas will not mix.

  • Crisp Function

    The unique Crisp plate, the 3D microwave system and the quartz grill all work together to reach the high temperatures needed to bake and fry, for crunchy food in just a few minutes.


  • Daily 40

    The Daily 40 Programme in washing machines is designed to meet your daily needs, washing a typical load of mixed cotton and synthetic fibres at 40°C in only 60 minutes with perfect results.

  • Dairy Compartment

    A special isolated compartment for storing products like butter, preserving them better and preventing odours from mixing.

  • Deep Balconies

    Extra-deep (130mm) balconies within your fridge. Ideal for bottles and fruit juice cartons, they have a useful divider to keep smaller items in place.

  • Defrost

    In some Whirlpool ovens, a fan-only function without heat circulates air evenly around frozen food to minimise defrosting times.


  • Easy-ironing Option

    Whirlpools easy-ironing option on washing machines washes with a gentler washing rhythm, gentler spinning and rinsing. Fabrics crease and wrinkle less, making them easier and quicker to iron.

  • Eco

    The Natur range's Ecolabel award is testimony that Wpro care for the environment and respect their users. The Ecolabel is endorsed at the highest level. It is sponsored by the European Commission and backed and promoted by the Governments of all 27 EU countries. Products are independently checked for cleaning performance and environmental credentials. They have to be biodegradeable, minimise their impact on aquatic life, and keep hazardous substances to a minimum.

  • Extra Browning

    Can be programmed to operate automatically at the end of a cooking programme to give the desired level of browning.


  • Fast Pre-Heat

    The oven is quickly heated to the temperature that you need and a buzzer alerts you when its time to put the food in.

  • Filtered Water

    Whirlpool Side-by-Side American fridge freezers have a built in water filter, ensuring your ice and water is always fresh and pure tasting. The filter has a duration of about 6 months, or 1500 litres, after which it can easily be replaced.

  • Flexi Space

    Modular racks can be repositioned or removed to suit your needs. Extra space is created by innovations like the 3rd rack and foldable tines.

  • Forced Air

    Forced air cooking is created with a fan behind the back wall of the oven forcing air through heating elements and into the oven from four directions. Food is cooked quickly (pre-heating is normally unnecessary) and evenly in all parts of the oven. Different foods can be cooked simultaneously without mixing taste or smell.

  • Full Combination Microwaves

    These microwaves have a forced air convection system that give great results even on difficult dishes like profiteroles, meringues or souffles. The forced convection cooking combines with microwaves to give oven style results in a fraction of the time.


  • Grill

    This fast, powerful grill ensures grilling and browning results as good as those from a traditional oven.


  • Half Load

    You can load both racks only half full and save up to 15% in water, time, and energy.

  • HFC / CFC Free

    In accordance with Whirlpool's policy of environmental friendliness, all its cooling appliances are 100% CFC and HFC free.


  • Induction

    The beauty of Induction is that it heats the pan, not the hob, so less than 10% of the energy used is lost to the surface or the surrounding atmosphere: 3 or 4 times less than with gas cooking. This not only make an Induction hob far faster than a traditional hob; it also makes it the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way of cooking.

  • Induction Hob

    Induction heats the pan and not the hob. This precise technology gives perfect control. The heat is very reactive to your needs. Perfect for melting chocolate of frying. The technology is also very clean as the hob itelf is cool, so spilt food can be cleaned away easily.

  • Iron Dry

    A tumble dryer option that leaves garments slightly damp and perfect for immediate ironing.


  • Jet Chef

    Jet Chef combination microwaves performs like a best in class traditional oven, and offer you more besides, controlling the cooking process for you, cooking, crisping or steaming at the touch of a button.

  • Jet Defrost

    Whirlpool's patented Jet Defrost system delivers fast and even defrosting at the touch of a button. Just select the food type and the weight and press start.

  • Jet Menu

    Pre-programmed setting for rapid preparation of frozen ready-made food. Just select the food type, enter the weight and the microwave oven will automatically cook your food to perfection.


  • Keep Warm

    Keep Warm can be selected to activate automatically at the end of a cooking programme. Keeps food warm (but not dried out) for up to 4 hours.


  • Lingerie Programme

    A dedicated programme for delicate items, allowing you to wash lingerie of all types with confidence.


  • Maxi Cooking

    The top and bottom heating element are controlled to give better cooking conditions for large cuts of meat.

  • Microban

    An air filtration system developed in conjunction with Microban®, the market leader in antibacterial solutions, to reduce unpleasant odours and bacteria in the fridge. Replaceable every 6 months.

  • Microban Antibacterial Treatment Cooling

    An air filtration system developed in conjunction with Microban, the market leader in antibacterial solutions, to reduce unpleasant odours and proliferation of bacteria in the fridge. The filter is easily replaced every 6 months. (Combi - Double Door - Cabinet - Side by Side)

  • Microban Antibacterial Treatment Washing

    With this treatment, your washing machine stays cleaner, fresher and more hygienic for longer. Together with Microban (a leader in antibacterial solutions), Whirlpool has developed a special treatment that helps reduce bacterial growth, odours and mould in the detergent drawer, a particularly sensitive part of the washing machine (on selected models).

  • Multi Zone

    Resource-efficient Multi Zone option in dishwashers lets you use only the upper rack or only the lower one.

  • Multi-flow System

    Multi-flow blows chilled air evenly throughout the fridge interior to ensure perfect storage conditions.

  • Multi-function Cooking

    A wide variety of cooking methods are available in these ovens to help you cook different food types to perfection.


  • One Touch Programme

    One touch of a button and the 6TH SENSE sensors do the rest, no matter how dirty the load.

  • Overdrying Protection

    Heat stress in fabrics is a common cause of creasing and the most common cause of this is overdrying, so accurate time control for all kinds of fabrics is essential. That's why Whirlpool's manually controlled dryers have accurately timed programmes and 6TH SENSE dryers are better still, automatically ending the programmes as soon as the correct level of drying has been achieved.

  • Overnight Programme

    This overnight programme is super silent at only 39dBA, thanks to the modular water pressure system.


  • Pastry Function

    This gives top and bottom cooking plus fan assisted cooking. Ideal for biscuits and cakes.

  • Pizza

    Oven pre-heats at 270° and cooks at 240°C.

  • Pizza Door Balcony

    The balconies situated in the freezer door of selected models are ideal for frozen pizzas or ready-meals, freeing up space in the main storage area and making your fast food easily accessible.

  • Pizza/Bread Programme

    Developed with the aid of top chefs the Pizza/Bread programme gives you the choice of tailor made cooking options.

  • PowerClean™ Max

    PowerClean Max technology in dishwashers uses 24 rotating high-pressure jets to remove heavy soil, even from extra-large items.

  • Programme Progress Indicator

    Displays the programme status on the control panel, showing how long until the programme will end, in order to help you manage your time.


  • Quartz Grill

    These heat up more quickly than a traditional grill and use less energy, and fat and grease residues are simply burnt off and vapourised by the grill itself.

  • Quick Wash

    You can wash up to 6kg (on an 8kg capacity appliance) in only 30 minutes.


  • Ready to Wear Programme

    A special programme for woollens and non-iron items on tumble dryers.

  • Ready2Cook

    With Ready2Cook there is no need to pre-heat the oven: an innovative and advanced power convection system creates outstanding airflow distribution, saving time and energy.

  • Removable Upper Rack

    Our removable upper racks in dishwashers allow you to wash extra large items such as oven trays or large saucepans in the lower rack.

  • Reverse Tumble Action

    The tumble dryer intermittently tumbles the drum in the opposite direction to reduce tangling and improve drying efficiency.


  • Schott Ceran Glass

    All Whirlpool induction hobs are produced with the new Schott Ceran® glass ceramics, free of toxic heavy metals, arsenic & antimony.

  • Single Variable Grill

    Single variable grills have one grilling zone and the heat level is adjustable, giving you more control of your grilling.

  • Speed 15 Programme

    Speed 15 washing programme is a programme designed for slightly soiled garments. It will wash a 3kg load in 15 minutes.

  • Sports and Outdoor

    The ideal programme for sportswear made of high tech microfibres.

  • Start Delay

    You can set your selected programme to begin when it is most convenient - for example, at night or when electricity rates are lower.

  • SuperEco

    Designed to save up to 40% energy, the SuperEco programme uses a combination of reduced tumbling and increased soaking within an increased cycle time. The programme is ideal for running at night, especially if you can benefit from lower energy prices.


  • Tilt Down Grill

    These grills can be lowered to allow access to the oven roof for easy cleaning.

  • Total No Frost

    Chilled air is circulated around the storage areas, eliminating humidity and so preventing the formation of ice and eliminating the need for defrosting. This technology also stops frozen items sticking together, labelling stays legible, and there's no condensation on your food or on fridge walls.

  • Turbo Grill

    Grills faster and more evenly by boosting hot air around the grill zone. Ideal for grilling thicker pieces of meat, and gives a spit roast effect, crisp on the outside, succulent inside.


  • Vacation Mode

    This feature powers down your fridge while you're away, keeping the interior around 12°C to prevent the build-up of mould and smells without unnecessary energy expenditure.


  • Water Safety System

    Anti-flooding device within dishwashers to protect your home. At the first sign of a problem, it stops the cycle, blocks the water supply and drains the appliance.

  • Whirlpool

    A wide range of major home appliances, brought to you by the world leader in home appliances, Whirlpool.

  • Wool Programme

    Wash your woollens with confidence. Woollen clothes labelled with the Woolmark 'machine washable' or 'hand wash' label can be washed safely with the Wool programme and Handwash 40°C.