6th SENSE Oven in Absolute Design

When outstanding
cooking results meet

and cook.

Thanks to 6TH SENSE technology you can set your oven in 3 simple steps with the unique 'rotate and confirm' feature of the knob. You will enjoy the great taste of your masterpiece simply selecting the cooking cycle between 16 pre-set cooking functions.

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A function for each
of your recipes.

Experience a never seen cooking flexibility. Rotating the 6TH SENSE knob programmer you can set the right function for 6 commonly cooked food category, to cook perfect recipes with confidence, always.

Exquisite bread

Crispy pizza

Big dishes

Perfect pasta

Superb dessert

Delicious poultry

Unbeatable energy
and time saving.

Thanks to Ready2Cook, a special system that always gives you perfect results, you don’t need to pre-heat anymore. And you save time and up to 20% energy.*

oven cleaning.

Thanks to SmartClean technology you can clean the oven cavity saving time, energy and preserving the environment. It only takes 30 minutes to have the most perfectly clean oven ever. Furthermore, there’s no need to use any aggressive detergent.

Other benefits

An absolute design
for an absolute beauty.

Enjoy the experience of our Absolute Collection, providing you intuitive use through the 6TH SENSE Jewel interface, spotless anti-fingerprint surfaces and beautiful design that integrates perfectly with other Absolute Collection appliances.

A noiseless

With the Soft-Closing system, your kitchen is even more quiet. The special mechanism in the door avoids any strong noise every time you close the door.

A smooth

The totally sliding shelves make cooking easier. The stability of grids has been improved as well as their design. Even trays are completely renewed to offer you better performance. And the baking tray is the deepest on the market and it is perfect for special recipes.

More space,
more creativity.

The 65 litres capacity allows you to cook more dishes at the same time. You will experience the best flexibility because you can place grids on five different levels. Every area of the cavity is specifically designed for different dishes.

* With reference to the average energy consumption of a Whirlpool equivalent appliance in A class.

6TH SENSE in Absolute Design ovens